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Zero Waste Produce Bags 3-pack

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Description : Disposable, plastic produce bags are not recyclable, and are terrible for storing your produce. Make a simple change, but a big impact! Woven from processed stalks of banana palms in the Philippines, sinamay is ecofriendly, 3x stronger than silk or cotton, and can last for more than 100 years! The bags close with a simple drawstring, and are very light, so they do not add any weight to your produce purchase. The dyes used to colour the fiber cause the unwashed material to feel stiff. But the more you use and wash your bags, the softer and better they will become! Bags can be washed in the washing machine, and lay flat to dry. (Recommended to wash inside of a laundry/mesh bag so that the drawstrings do not come out or get wrapped around things in the machine.) The bags come in multiple colours, and each set of 3 bags will contain three randomly selected colours. Dimensions are approximately 10.5" wide by 11" tall. As it is a mesh type fabric, not all bags are cut identically, thus creating slight variation in sizes.

Item Number : 137-17

Category : Eco-Concious

Brand : Sew Happy YEG