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Wooden Geo Blocks

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Description : Geo-blocks are one of those awesome learning toys that grow with your child as your child gets older. • At the baby stage your child will start to use his/her gross motor skills and knock down any tower you build with them. • At the toddler stage, your young one will start to build his/her own tower with the geo blocks. • Preschoolers and kindergarteners love to count everything and the Geo blocks can be used for counting. Count the number of blocks, count the sides on the blocks, count the triangles on the blocks, count the squares on the blocks and then see what different types of tower shapes you can make out of the blocks • During the preschool and kindergarten years, kids love to imitate what they see. If you make a couple of patterns out of geo blocks and then photograph them, your toddler can change the blocks around to match the pattern you made on the photograph (or if it is easier, we have a bonus sheet of different patterns your child can make with the blocks). • Grade 1 math has a lot of patterning. Put the blocks in a line in various different ways. Start with a basic mustard, teal, wood repeating pattern and get your child to finish the pattern. Take out a block or two and get them to "fill in the blank". Your patterns can go as detailed as a single colour of triangle turning in a clockwise motion on each block. (bonus sheet also has pattern line ideas)

Item Number : 1-2315

Category : Toys & Activities

Brand : MDH Toys