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Wildly Delicious Fruit Jams

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WILD BLUEBERRY:  Prepared using wild blueberries which are known for their rich depth of flavour and unmistakable sweetness.
Unit Size: 185 mL, 6.3 US fl oz
INGREDIENTS: Sugar, blueberries, water, lemon peel, pectin, concentrated lemon juice, citric acid, spice, lemon oil.

STRAWBERRY RHUBARB:  Pure Strawberry Rhubarb Jam is a taste of Ontario’s fresh fruit harvest. Its delicate combination of sweet and tart flavors brings muffins, scones and toast to life. 

VANILLA BERRY:  Strawberries and raspberries, the classic berries of summer, are combined with a touch of vanilla to bring back memories of Grandma’s recipe.

• Refrigerate after opening.
• May contain sulphites, tree nuts, milk, sesame, egg, wheat, soy, fish, mustard.
• Made in Canada from domestic and imported ingredients