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Book - The Sweet Dreams Express

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Description : Buckle up for a lyrical bedtime ride that guides little ones on a special, meditative journey aboard The Sweet Dreams Express.Soothing illustrations, lyrical bedtime rhymes, and practical meditative tools guide children through relaxing their bodies and minds in preparation for a restorative and refreshing night of sleep. Through breathwork, stress release, calming techniques, and imaginative relaxation tools that connect the body and mind, this book will help children develop positive sleep skills that they will be eager to incorporate as part of their bedtime routine.So, “Fluff your pillow, rest your head; feel your body sink down in bed.”Climb aboard The Sweet Dreams Express to transform your little ones into master sleepers.Print your own tickets at www.InnerCompassBooks.com

Item Number : 105-18H004

Category : Toys & Activities

Brand : Inner Compass Books