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Sourdough Starter

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Description : Sourdough Source can teach you how to build your own sourdough starter in our LIVESTREAM WORKSHOP, but if you want a piece of their 43 year old starter - SNOWLOFF XIII, grab one of these and boost your success. Start your sourdough journey with success and confidence with your very own Sourdough School House Sourdough Starter. With just a little of this starter and a few days of regular feedings, you will be ready to bake! We feed our sourdough pets with equal parts of flour and water and a small percentage of the sourdough "seed." All instructions will be included in this starter pack. See separate listing for a BANNETON and a WOODEN PADDLE, and you will be all set!

Item Number : 1-2678

Category : Snacks and Other Good Stuff

Brand : Sourdough Source