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Slim Leather Wallet

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Description : It is easy to let multiple cards clutter things up but now in an age where most can be carried digitally on a mobile device more and more people are looking for ways to simplify. This slim wallet is essentially a cardholder, with the ability to still carry a few folded up bills without adding too much bulk. Available in three colors and each is stamped with a small HYDE artisan leather buffalo head branding on the inside. Full length is 6.5" when open Closed is 3.25" x 4.3" Fair trade, providing dignified work. Respectfully + sustainably sourced materials. 5 card slots. Pocket openings for bills/phone. Full grain buffalo 'crazy horse' style leather. Brown color leather w/off white nylon stitching

Item Number : 99-63

Category : Purses, Wallets & Leather Accessories

Brand : Hyde Artisan