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Signature Stone White Textured Planter & Saucer

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Description : A unique design inspired by nature with dynamic curves and organic texture brings a refreshing aesthetic to any space. The planter is ideal for repotting mature plants as it is lightweight and easy to lift. For a statement look, pair with a Chinese Evergreen, Monstera Deliciosa, or a Peace Lily. Made with recycled plastics, the finished product is combined with materials like natural stone and wood to completely change the nature of plastic into a green composite material. As each planter is the result of handcrafted finishes, each piece contains its own personality and unique details. Made of Recycled Plastic | Natural Stone | Wood Dust ~ Porous ~Drainage hole & plug ~ Indoor/Outdoor Use ~ Frost Proof -50C - 100C ~ Plant not included ~ 9.75in Width x 8.25in Height (9in Opening Diameter | 5in Bottom Diameter)

Item Number : 1-3201

Category : Plant Life

Brand : Kanso Designs