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Signature Stone Hanging Planter 8"

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Create a stunning focal point in your space without compromising extra floor space with our 8” Signature Stone hanging planter. With an organic silhouette and light stone color, our planter adds natural softness to the interior while drawing attention to the plant. With a deeper bottom, this planter is suitable for most medium-size houseplants. For a luscious, overgrown look, display with trailing plants such as Pothos and place in a bright to partial shade area. Made from recycled plastic and organic composite materials, this planter is lightweight, durable, and equipped with a drainage hole. Drainage hole & Plug ~ Indoor/Outdoor Use ~ Frost Proof -50C - 100C ~ Plant not included ~ Rope Length 21" ~ Black S Hook Included. ~ 7.9in Width x 5.5in Height (7.25in Opening Diameter)