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Description : Place in direct stream of water on shower floor. Do not use in a bath tub. Not for children under 10. These steamers are amazing for spring allergies, colds or just a refresh! Scents Available: Orange Ylang ylang Bergamot Ginger Grapefruit Lavender Lemongrass Eucalyptus spearmint Motivation blend - best for when feeling uneasy and in need of courage and assurance. Made with lemon, lime, and ginger essential oils. The oils are uplifting and stimulating. Ginger is also useful at times when lacking motivation and passion, feeling burnt out or emotionally cold. Alert Blend - best for when you need to declutter your mind. Made with lime, bergamot, and basil essential oils. Basil is said to help with fear, anxiousness, nervousness, stress and fatigue. It promotes focus and helps with tasks that require mental clarity. Lime and bergamot support with energy and can aid in building of confidence. Boost Blend - perfect for studfy heads or when in need of relief from stress and headaches. Made with Lemongrass, orange, and spearmint oils. Lemongrass is known to revive the mind and act as an energizer when feeling lethargic. All of the steamers contain menthol

Item Number : 249-3

Category : Bath and Shower

Brand : Mountain River Soap Co.