Rebel Shave Bar Soap

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One of Wild Prairie Soap Company’s most ambitious soap recipes is their 100% natural Rebel Shave Bar. They've crafted it with the perfect shave in mind, recognizing the need for both lather and slip, each being necessary for effective, close shaving results.

Their signature shave bar is made with castor oil and Morrocan Lava Clay to help create thick, luxurious lather, and olive oil to soothe skin and help prevent razor burn. This all natural handmade soap can be applied with a shaving brush or simply lathered in the hands and applied to the skin.

Not only useful for facial shaving, Rebel Shave Bar has also become a hit with women who have chosen to rid themselves of commercial shaving foamers for a more natural, eco-friendly approach to their skin care.

Moroccan Lava Clay is the basis for this natural bar soap, which is added to provide extra ‘slip’ while working on that oh-so-close shave. Our signature blend of essential oils includes Fir Needle which provides a pleasing woodsy base as well as Frankincense essential oil which provides a natural astringent. Our natural shaving bar soap helps prevent post-shave dryness due to the added cocoa butter, and will never clog pores or irritate the skin.