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CCBee's Organic Bath Fizzer

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Description : These bath bombs from CCBee's are handmade with all natural ingredients. No artificial colours or scents going on here along with plastic free packaging. Lightly scented with therapeutic grade organic essential oils to ensure you feel divine during your next bath, and come out of tub with your skin feeling amazing! ANTI-STRESS: blend, with citrus notes (light orange in colour) TRANQUILITY: known to assist in providing nerve calming benefits (pink in colour) (ylang-ylang/geranium essential oils) ZEN MEDITATION: blend to assist with a blissful state. (earthy colour) (citrus notes,cedarwood, and frankincense essential oils) SLUMBER: with lovely lavender- for nerve calming, perfect before bed.(white in colour) (lavender essential oil)

Item Number : 1-2231

Category : Bath and Shower

Brand : CCBee's Natural Products