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'Memories' Bread Scented Candle

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An exclusive candle to our shop, this one I hold close to my heart. My grandparents were a huge part of my life... and amazing, 'good' people. I have fond memories of my time growing up on the prairies in Manitoba. My love of vintage things stemmed from that, and had a big influence on my style. My love to build, shaped by my grandfather. I often wonder what they think about this whole 'shop' thing I have going on. And of course, they are often on my mind as I trudge through life; their voices in my head when I'm doing something they would love... or that they would scold me for. lol But one thing I know that I got right, from my grandmother, was her homemade buns. Every time I pull out that same metal bowl that my grandma taught with... measure and sift the flour with her kitchen tools... I think of her. So, adorned with my grandma's bun recipe, Hand poured by The Dusty Sparrow, this scent smells like homemade bread, warm crust and a salty pretzel finish. Like grandma's house.