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Book - Mayva O'Meere, Creationeer

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Description : **2018 Nautilus Book Award Winner**"She was a free-flying soul, with a heart full of fire,Who undeniably followed her creative desire.From the moment she woke till she crashed hard at night,Mayva was immersed in composing things that she liked.”Mayva O’Meere has a BIG imagination and an insatiable desire to create. But, when Mayva’s elaborate creative endeavors go way too far, she lands herself in a big mess and a pile of trouble. Follow Mayva on her winding journey of self-discovery as she follows her inner compass and unearths some powerful messages along the way.Full of incredible art references, empowering messages, and boundless creativity, this book will spark creative passion and dreaming big in children of all ages, while becoming a cherished read for every member of the family. Complete with Reflection Questions and a Creative Art Reference Guide, this is a must have for all the Creationeers in your life! A FREE online creationeering activity resource is available at www.InnerCompassBooks.com

Item Number : 105-18H002

Category : Toys & Activities

Brand : Inner Compass Books