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Mandala Dotting Kit - Starter

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This Beginner Kit comes with 5 paints and Regular DIY Mandala Stones Dotting Tools - perfect for a gift or for a beginner kit. ​​Kit includes ​5 x 10ml Acrylic Paints (red, yellow, blue, green, white) ​8 Mandala Dotting Tools (Sizes 1-16 - double sided to make 16 different size dots) Cloth drawstring bag Instructions ​The paint comes in cute easy screw top container, to minimize mess and makes it easy to paint anywhere. (Stones are not included) ​ Easy to clean: Simply wipe with a paper towel, after each use. For built up paint, simply dip into freshly boiled water for 10 seconds. Use a cream cleanser to remove any stains (use sparingly). Do not use any soap, alcohol, baby wipes or solvents to clean, as they will make the tools split.