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Book - Magnus O'Meere, Mind Pioneer

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Description : Magnus O’Meere is always off in another dimension, building epic ideas with his full-blown attention. But when Magnus’ inventive passion becomes disruptive and distracting at school, he lands himself in the principal’s office. As Magnus begins to question the things he has created, a stroke of fate delivers an eye-opening message that leads him to discover just how powerful his mind really is. Follow Magnus on an incredible learning adventure that highlights some of the most magnificent Mind Pioneers of our time, including da Vinci, Mozart, Ada Lovelace, Tesla, Einstein, and many more. Full of imaginative inventing, self-reflection, and empowering messages, Magnus O’Meere, Mind Pioneer will spark imagination and inspiration, while encouraging children to think outside the box, follow their inner compass, and always look for opportunities to grow.

Item Number : 105-18H003

Category : Toys & Activities

Brand : Inner Compass Books