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Honey Tobacco Fragrance Roller (Picot)

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Description : The standard roller-ball has been replaced with a natural stone representing a mind state essential to well-being. We all know that scent can evoke memory, so these roller-balls can evoke a reminder that serves as a mindfulness tool. WHITE HOWLITE: represents stillness, tenderness, and an open mind. Use it as a reminder to reduce stress and anger; a means of tempering a storm and allowing for patience and perspective to lead ROSE QUARTZ: represents compassion, nourishment, forgiveness + peace. Remember: relieving stress, grief, comparison, and other difficult emotions helps to create space for loving yourself and others GREEN AVENTURINE: can remind you to move through life's changes with confidence and trust. Remember: freeing up stuck energy and shifting forward with clarity is integral to personal growth ORANGE CALCITE: a reminder to bring vitality to your passions. By inviting joy and creativity, healing will follow. Leave behind what no longer serves you and move forward with playfulness & confidence AMETHYST: a reminder to bring a sense of calm and clarity to your life. Consider it a tool for mindfulness: tap into your intuition and reveal your own insightful solutions to roadblocks and changing perspective Each stone is unique, therefore the coloring will be slightly different than the ones in the photo. Although the crystals have energetic benefits, they are not intended to heal or cure illness. Ingredients: MCT oil, Honey Tobacco fragrance*, crystal rollerball

Item Number : 1-3273

Category : Perfume, Body Fragrance & Deodorant

Brand : picot