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Book - Hazel Mist, Hypnotist

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Description : Hazel Mist is mesmerized after watching a famous hypnotist perform. Consumed with curiosity, she spends her summer learning the ins and outs of hypnotism. As she tests new techniques on her friends, a striking pattern piques her interest, leading her on an unexpected adventure into the depths of the mind. Overcome with stage fright, yet amazed by her discoveries, Hazel must work through her own "blocks" in order to share this new-found wisdom with the world. Guaranteed to entertain and empower readers of all ages, Hazel Mist, Hypnotist will spark laughter and self-reflection, while encouraging readers to break through their “blocks”, question their “limits”, and reach for their big dreams."'Cause all of your limits can rip at the seamsWhen you harness your courage and go for your dreams."

Item Number : 105-18H005

Category : Toys & Activities

Brand : Inner Compass Books