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Handmade Driftwood Pottery Spoon

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Description : f you are into natural looking elements, these spoons are for you! They are perfect as a sugar, or salt spoon, or just as a funky addition to your kitchen! Each spoon is made to order. The driftwood used in each spoon is lovingly hand picked by me, from the shores of Canada's beaches and the spoon is hand built / glazed from low and high fire clay. These have been featured in Canadian Living magazine and House and Home magazine!! We take great pride in every detail of our driftwood spoons. The ceramic part of the spoon is perfectly adhered to the driftwood without any gaps or cracks which gives them a very cohesive and professional look! Due to the natural origin of the driftwood pieces each piece will be unique! Each spoon is APPROXIMATELY 8 inches long and the spoon is 11/2 inches across.

Item Number : 1-2299

Category : Pottery

Brand : Driftwood Pottery