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Face Mask Trio

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Can't decide which mask is right for you? Now you can try them all with our trio sample pack.


◦ Rehab Mask - Detoxifying | Skin Type - Oily + Acne Prone
◦ Glow Mask - Hydrating | Skin Type - Dry + Sensitive
◦ Align Mask - Balancing | Skin Type - Normal + Combination

Each mask has enough for two applications. 

To Use: Mix 1 tsp of powder with a few drops of water, apple cider vinegar, honey, or a liquid of your choice. Once a paste has formed, spread your mask over the desired areas of your face- make sure to focus on your forehead, nose, and chin!

**Full Sized Mask options sold in separate listing.

Skin Type - Normal | Combination
The Align Face Mask combines french red clay and diatomaceous earth to scrub away built-up debris. By using clays that focus on clearing away dead skin, this mask aims to restore balance for anyone needing a refreshed glow. Papaya and cucumber deeply cleanse to remove dirt stored in your pores while delivering all of the anti-inflammatory benefits. This mask is made for anyone looking to brighten tired skin at the end of a long workday or enjoy some downtime on a day off.
Ingredients: french red clay, diatomaceous earth, papaya extract, cucumber extract, rosemary extracts

Skin Type - Oily | Acne Prone
The Rehab Face Mask combines bentonite and french green clay to handle skin prone to breakouts, inflammation, and excessive bacteria or oil-based irritations. Honeysuckle and burdock root have powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that deep clean the pores. This mask is for anyone struggling to reduce blemishes and skin irregularities.
Ingredients: bentonite clay, french green clay, honeysuckle extract, cucumber extract, burdock root extract

Skin Type - Dry | Sensitive
Our Glow Face Mask combines kaolin clay and diatomaceous earth to promote healthy skin turn-over. By removing built-up dead skin and stimulating circulation, this mask aims to clean, moisturize and make way for a youthful glow. Coconut milk and banana leaf powder have hydrating properties that work to restore your natural shine. This mask is ideal for anyone struggling with dry, tired skin.
Ingredients: pink clay,  kaolin clay, diatomaceous earth,  coconut milk powder, banana extract, pineapple extract