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Face & Hair Oil Sample Size

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1.2ml | 0.04oz

This is your chance to try out this Face & Hair Oil before purchasing the full size. We totally understand that there are many people with sensitive skin who need to play it cautiously before switching to new products. With this sample size, you can make sure that it works for you before fully committing! 

Camelina and abyssinian oil are high in vitamin E, light in texture, and quickly absorbed. As a dual-purpose product, our Face & Hair Oil has been formulated to effectively deliver moisture without clogging pores or adding weight to your clean hair. Abyssinian oil works to moisturize fine lines and smooth frayed ends. The combination of neroli and rosewood essential oil acts as antibacterial cleaners for irritated or breakout-prone skin. Frankincense and geranium essential oil are well-known for promoting healthy, youthful skin and shiny, smooth follicles. This 2-in-1 oil is a wonderful life-hack for anyone seeking simplicity on their bathroom counters. From a day oil to night oil, from a daily oil cleanser to hydrating hair serum - this has you covered with a single bottle of goodness. 


Ingredients: grapeseed oil, camelina oil, abyssinian oil, plum kernel oil, frankincense oil, rosewood oil, neroli oil, geranium oil,  vitamin e oil