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DIY Bath Bomb Kits

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Ever wanted to try making bath bombs? Now you can with this complete kit. No need to search around buying bulk ingredients or trying to find the "perfect" recipe on the internet. It's all included right here for you in this DIY kit! Know someone that LOVES bath bombs? This kit makes the perfect birthday gift so they can experience making (and then using) their very own! - Everything you need to make 6-7 bath bombs - Kit comes with baking soda, epsom salts, corn starch, citric acid, fragrance oil, olive oil, colorant, instructions, gloves and a 2.2 inch shere mold. - All you need is a bowl and some water! Birthday Cake Scent - Top notes of raspberry, strawberry, pear and pineapple mixed with notes of jasmine, carnation, gardenia and peach with a hint of musk at the base of this sweet, succulent Acai Berry fragrance. Caribbean Escape Scent - Close your eyes and escape to a carefree paradise with the alluring blend of sweet melon, raspberry nectar, Italian lemon, creamy coconut and raw sugarcane. Strawberry Jam ~ This fantastically fruity blend is a whirlwind of succulent strawberries, sweet vanilla sugar, and sticky syrup. Monkey Farts Scent - Sweet bananas combined with grapefruit, mandarin orange, kiwi, coconut cream, raspberries, strawberries, and apples.