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Bowls of Acorns

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Description : Preschoolers are at a special age of exploration and are beginning to learn about simple colours. Having the same shapes painted in different colours, like shown, will help a child focus on the colours rather than focusing on different shapes. This set helps with learning colours, counting the acorns, working on dexterity skills by turning the acorns upside down and spinning like spin tops and working on pincer grasp when picking up between finger and thumb learning to manipulate a scoop and pouring into bowls This set is small in size, making it the perfect size for little hands. Great for both home and school environments. A wonderful gift for any occasion. Listing includes 6 bowls, one of each color 12 acorns, two of each color 1 pot with lid, natural maple 1 scoop, natural wood

Item Number : 1-2308

Category : Toys & Activities

Brand : MDH Toys