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Bannetons - Oval and Round

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Description : These proofing baskets are the pièce de résistance for the artisan sourdough Home Baker. Providing not only structural support, but beauty to the finished loaf; one, two, three or more of these natural rattan baskets are a must. Custom designed by the Sourdough Source. The rounds (boules) are extra deep and can really help with maintaining structure and the oval (batard) is the perfect size for home use. Natural Rattan Proofing Baskets - Oval or Round complete with Linen Liners. The linen liners allow you to use these baskets on high hydration doughs, while using without gives you the lovely lines signature to an artisan loaf. Available shapes & sizes Oval Banneton with Linen Liner - will accommodate up to 900 grams of dough Width - 6 inch / 15 cm Length - 9.5 inch / 24.5 cm Height - 3 inch / 8 cm Large Round Banneton with Linen Liner - will accommodate up to 1,100 grams of dough Diameter - 8.25 inch / 21 cm Height - 4.25 inch / 11 cm USE & CARE: Your banneton does not need to be washed with every use. In fact, by brushing off the excess flour and allowing it to dry completely between uses, it becomes "seasoned" for less sticking. Use the Oval Banneton Cleaning Brush to dust your banneton and liner with every use. Always allow to dry completely. Should you wish to wash the liner occasionally, simply remove the liner, wash it by hand with a little dish soap, rinse well, and lay flat to dry.

Item Number : 1-2676

Category : Kitchen

Brand : Sourdough Source