Spearmint & Sandalwood Organic Shaving Soap

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Organic (certified*) Ingredients: Saponified oils* of olive, coconut, castor, and avocado, shea butter*, spring water, bentonite clay, burdock*, nettle*, thyme*, comfrey*, activated charcoal, essential oils* of spearmint, eucalyptus, clary sage, sandalwood, bergamot, amber resin 100g The base oils for our recipes also include organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, and organic shea butter. We only use essential oils for scenting our bars.

Same shave soap, 2 labels available:
* '57 Chevy
* No.1 Dad (back reads "Thank you for being an awesome Dad! Enjoy this handsome, rich lathering, gentle bar that’s almost as great as you! It’s is fabulous for all body needs- shaving, facial, and body!"