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Cure Cards - Daily Affirmations

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Description : Find the Power of Positivity through daily affirmations, and put some kick butt in your step with Cure Cards. Proven to foster positive mindset, reduce anxiety, and create happiness. Includes 1 Pack of vibrant, high quality cards with 18 unique Affirmations, 1 draw string carry case & 1 'why' card. PROFANITY PACK- Meet Positive Profanity! This fun little deck will make you laugh, AND make your insides feel good all at once! ORIGINAL GANGSTER - The Original Gangster pack is gender neutral – and written for ANYONE, of ALL pronouns, and ALL ages to enjoy. HAPPY HEART - This beautiful pack is specifically designed to inspire more happiness when integrated into your daily affirmations and self love routine. COOL CUCUMBER - Anxiety and stress levels have never been higher in society (Thanks COVID 19!) But the Cool Cucumber pack was specifically designed to reduce stress, and anxious feelings - and invoke peace, serenity, and calm. PROSPERITY - This pack is geared towards those wanting to achieve a goal, business owners, aspiring students, dreamers, movers & shakers, and even those who are feeling in a funk, unsure if what they are currently doing is still fulfilling in the ways they set out for it to be. SURVIVOR - The Survivor Pack is designed to comfort, support, and encourage self care during a time of loss. It not only deals with grief, but also creates space to remember, honor, and even find hope for the future after the loss of a loved one. The Survivor Pack is written in a way that resonates and supports all loss, including parents, grandparents, spouses, friends, co-workers, and pregnancy loss, and is a useful tool for all ages. MAMA - The Mama Pack is designed for ALL moms - regardless of whether they work in or out of the home, or whether they have new babies, right up to adult children. Moms are the biggest super heroes of all and the Mama Pack celebrates how truly amazing that is! POWER OF THE PACK - This pack is designed in celebration of women's power, inner beauty, success, and self worth.

Item Number : 115-13

Category : Good for the Soul

Brand : Cure Collective